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Welcome to the Tractor Shop showroom. Here you will see the new tractor brands of new machinery we have to offer. The showroom provides basic information about each tractor model and also gives the link to download the relevant brochure.

Compare specifications and brands. Once you have an idea about the product you would like to purchase, call one of our helpful sales staff.

Yanmar Tractors

Yanmar tractors are a high quality built tractor from Japan. Unlike other major brands on the market. Every Yanmar tractor in our range is built in Japan assuring the brand stands up to its name.

Kioti Tractors

Kioti is the new tractor name for Daedong. Kioti Daedong have been distributed in Australia for over 12 years and are backed by over 100 dealers Australia wide. The Kioti tractor has quickly become one of the major players in the Australian tractor industry.

SAME Deutz Fahr Tractors

The SAME Deutz Fahr group is a joint company that originated from the well known Italian company SAME and the well known German agricultural company Deutz Fahr. The tractor company SAME Deutz Fahr Group have become a leader for quality and performance, winning the 2012/13 Euopean 'Good Design Awards' adding to its haul of prizes.

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  • Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Cab Tractor Overview

    Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Cab Tractor Image The AGROFARM ProfiLine and AGROFARM TTV was developed using technology from both the current Agrofarm and Agrotron range. Offering a powershift transmission (Profiline) or a Infinitely Variable transmission (TTV) the AGROFARM has truly revolutionised this segment of the tractor market.

    It has been specifically designed for the dairy industry; field maintenance and farmyard use and offers particular advantages in the compact medium class. Great flexibility; a low centre of gravity and high manoeuvrability, clear sight lines, easy handling as well as maximum economic efficiency and productivity offering great value for money.

  • Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Cab Tractor Engine

    Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Cab Tractor Engine Image Work hard and save fuel. DEUTZ engines live up to their economic reputation. After all, modern farmers expect fuel-efficient, high-power engines even in the compact Agrofarm.

    The water-cooled 4-cylinder turbo diesel engines of the TCD 2012 series boast a compact design, uniform power development and low fuel consumption. Fitted with electronic engine control with programmable speeds and a modern high pressure injection system with injection pressures of up to 1,400 bar, they deliver efficient fuel utilization, enormous efficiency and excellent emissions values. And thanks to the 160 litre fuel tank, they are more than a match for long working days.

    High torque and constant power

    The engines are characterized by high torque at low engine speeds. That means the Agrofarm reaches its maximum torque at just 1,800 rpm and keeps it constant up to a speed of 1,400 rpm. Maximum power is reached at just 2,100 rpm. High starting torque ensures that the tractor pulls off reliably with heavy loads, even on hills.

  • Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Cab Tractor Transmission

    Infinitely Variable or Powershift - the choice is yours!

    DEUTZ-FAHR is one of the few manufacturers which offer two transmission types in the 100 horse power class: A robust Powershift transmission with 60 / 60 gears or the NEW Stepless TTV transmission. No matter which one you choose, the maximum speed of 40 km / h is achieved for a reduced engine speed.

    Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Cab Tractor Trasmission Image
    Profiline Powershift
    Powershift transmission

    The newly developed Powershift transmission comes with 5 speeds and 4 groups (including creeper speed group) as well as mechanical or hydraulic F / R shifting. It is available with 60 / 60 speeds, ensuring correspondingly narrow and practical speed graduation.

    This means ECO-Speed: Save fuel at 40 km / h

    The ECO-Speed gear drive is equipped with three load switching steps. With 60 forward and 60 reverse speeds, it offers the right speed for every application. The powershift stage currently activated is displayed on the dashboard. The speed ranges from 540 m / h to 40 km / h and in the main working range from 4 to 15 km / h, 15 speeds can be selected. The maximum top speed is achieved with a reduced engine speed, which saves fuel and reduces the amount of noise.

    Power shuttle can be adjusted individually

    The gear drive is equipped with a hydraulic power shuttle which can be adjusted in five steps. With it, the driver changes the driving direction without activating the clutch. This makes front loader work and manoeuvring child's play. The Powershuttle versions also come with a comfort clutch on the shifting lever. They engage at the press of a button and shift up to 15 speeds without the clutch pedal being pressed.

    Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Cab Tractor Trasmission image2
    Infinitely Variable
    TTV (Infinitely Variable) transmission

    Working automatically

    It doesn't get any easier: Start, drive off and work. In automatic mode, the Agrofarm TTV offers great comfort for all types of work without tedious programming. All tasks are competently and easily mastered. The selection of the desired speed is achieved using the accelerator pedal. The control of the engine speed is taken over by the engine electronics, which maintain the correct speed ready to suit the respective load conditions.

    Advantage of the automatic mode: In automatic, it's always easy and efficient, just like driving a car.

    Auto, ECO or Power: The driver decides. Depending on the type of work, the driver can adjust the basic setting of the automatic mode and specify how far the engine speed is controlled up or down.

    Power take-off mode

    This mode is automatically activated when the power take-off is switched on and enables efficient work at a constant PTO speed. The desired forward speed can be adjusted and controlled using the foot pedal. Advantage: The Agrofarm TTV directly and comfortably adapts the working speed to suit the operation but keeps a constant PTO speed.

    Manual mode

    The accelerator serves exclusively as a gas pedal and in this way controls the engine speed. The maximum speed of 40 km / h and the lowest speed is 47 m / h.

    Active brake control

    With this function the tractor transmission keeps the tractor stationary independent of the slope or the respective loading condition without activating the operating the brake. No activation of the trailer brake occurs. In this way, the driver can safely and comfortably start and stop at any time.

    Automatically determined

    The standard time-controlled or manually operated parking lock guarantees additional operating safety. It is automatically activated when the driver leaves his seat or the tractor is idle for more than 30 seconds.

    Safe braking as you please

    All Agrofarm (Profiline and TTV) models have independent oil-immersed disc brakes on the front and rear axles. The durable, maintenance-free long-life brakes also ensure the necessary safety at high speeds. The Agrofarm ProfiLine / TTV comes with a hydraulically actuated parking brake.

  • Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Tractor Cabin

    Today's farmers can rely on DEUTZ-FAHR to give them a comfortable workplace in every tractor class. The Agrofarm also boasts a generously configured compact cab and ergonomic operation - suitably designed in friendly colors and high-quality materials.

    An exemplary workplace

    Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Cabin ImageSafe cab access with a large door opening angle, anti-slip, solid steps; excellent freedom of movement and clear view of all important operating and control elements; additional comfort with optional air-sprung driver's seat for relaxed and concentrated work. This ergonomic driver's work place also naturally includes the softly padded driving wheel, located within easy reach. Adjustable in tilt and reach (not in all versions), it can be optimally adjusted to the height of any driver.

    Well informed

    The clear, non-glare information display provides constant information on all relevant values and operating statuses of the tractor in both analog and digital form. Speed, PTO speed, operating hours and mileage are shown on an easy-to-read digital display.

    Everything in sight

    The tractors are characterized by their compact, low design and excellent maneuverability. Good lines of sight in all directions due to the shaped, sloping bonnet and narrow cab uprights as well as large glazed areas.

    Everything at hand

    All operator elements are conveniently located on the right next to the driver's seat. They are arranged in functional groups and can be operated almost intuitively after even just a short time. All the levers of a functional group are the same color, eliminating the possibility of confusion and enhancing operational reliability. It doesn't take long to get a grip on the Agrofarm.

    First-class air conditioning

    The best air conditioning in all weather conditions. The outside air is effectively filtered over a large surface. In addition to the three-stage fresh air blower and the efficient heating system, the Agrofarm tractor can optionally be fitted with a high output air conditioning system.

  • Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Cab Tractor Hydraulics

    Hydraulic power you can rely on. With a pump capacity of 93 l/min and a separate hydraulic circuit for the steering, the Agrofarm%uFFFDs hydraulic system is a match for any requirement.

    Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Cab Tractor Hydraulics ImageThe new tandem pump gives a maximum oil flow of 93 l/min and there are up to four electro-hydraulic valves which make it very simple to adjust the flow rate. In addition, there are timing capabilities two of them.

    The powerful hydraulics and strong back end of the tractor make it possible for a large 5300kg lift capacity.

  • Deutz Agrofarm Profiline Cab Tractor Specifications

      420 Profi Line 420 TTV
    Cylinder / cc    
    HP 102 102
    Transmission Power Shift CVT
    Tyres Front 480/65R24 440/65R28
    Tyres Rear 540/65R34 540/65R38
    Specs (mm)  
    (a) wheel base 2,340 2,340
    (b) length 3,950 3,990
    (c) height 2,580 2,580
    (d) weight (kg) 4,050 4,100
    All data and illustrations provided in this page are for information purposes only and can be changed without notice. Specs may vary depending on specifications of tractor. For detailed information please refer to brochure.