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Welcome to the Tractor Shop showroom. Here you will see the new tractor brands of new machinery we have to offer. The showroom provides basic information about each tractor model and also gives the link to download the relevant brochure.

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Yanmar Tractors

Yanmar tractors are a high quality built tractor from Japan. Unlike other major brands on the market. Every Yanmar tractor in our range is built in Japan assuring the brand stands up to its name.

Kioti Tractors

Kioti is the new tractor name for Daedong. Kioti Daedong have been distributed in Australia for over 12 years and are backed by over 100 dealers Australia wide. The Kioti tractor has quickly become one of the major players in the Australian tractor industry.

SAME Deutz Fahr Tractors

The SAME Deutz Fahr group is a joint company that originated from the well known Italian company SAME and the well known German agricultural company Deutz Fahr. The tractor company SAME Deutz Fahr Group have become a leader for quality and performance, winning the 2012/13 Euopean 'Good Design Awards' adding to its haul of prizes.

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AGROLUX 85 (85 hp)

  • Deutz Agrolux 85 Tractor Overview

    Deutz Agrolux 85 Tractor Image

    Productive and versatile

    Designed and built to meet a wide range of agricultural requirements, Agrolux models are productive and versatile, perfectly capable of taking on the toughest of tillage and general yard duties without difficulty. An advantageous power-to-weight ratio, correct weight distribution and high technical specifications guarantee maximum efficiency under all conditions, while intelligent ergonomics and an intuitive control layout make these machines easy to operate right from the outset.

  • Deutz Agrolux 85 Tractor Engine

    Deutz Agrolux 85 Tractor Engine Image

    An important feature of DEUTZ engines is their high torque rise: this ensures exceptional lugging power and allows the machine to overcome even the most dif%uFB01cult operating conditions with ease.

    The engine is cooled by a highly efficient system incorporating a “dual %uFB02ow” radiator, in other words with two distinct passages through which the coolant is circulated: besides guaranteeing a swift and efficient dissipation of heat, even at high ambient temperatures, this system ensures that engine performance stays constant even after extended periods of operation, not least as a speci%uFB01 c diesel fuel cooler is installed.

  • Deutz Agrolux 85 Tractor Transmissions

    Deutz Agrolux 85 Tractor Transmission Image

    A generous range of gears including 20 forward and 20 reverse speeds, the Agrolux 85 is standard with a creeper range of speed and has a top speed of 40 km/h. the synchromesh transmission makes gear changes on the move very easy and with the convenient forward / reverse synchromesh shuttle, the tractor is very manoeuvrable and ideal for frontend loader work.

    The tractor is equipped with fully hydrostatic independent braking on all 4 wheels for great stopping ability and to ensure maximum safety even in the most adverse terrain. 4 wheel drive and differential locks guarantee that traction and performance is maximised. The Agrolux 85 is also standard with a very convenient electro-hydraulic PTO engagement making using rear implements very simple.

  • Deutz Agrolux 85 Tractor Operator Station

    Deutz Agrolux 85 Tractor Operator Station Image

    The sturdy construction of the Agrolux 85 and the strength of the 3-point linkage combine to give a lifting capacity as high as 5300 kg (with assistor cylinders fitted), ensuring there will be no difficulty operating even the heaviest implements.

    Also helping to maximise the durability and reliability of the main hydraulic system, is the fact that the hydrostatic power steering utilises an independent pump, ensuring a light and fluid steering action and complete functionality even at low engine speeds. This leaves a dedicated 56 l/min pump to operator the two sets of standard remotes on the rear of the tractor.

  • Deutz Agrolux 85 Tractor Hydraulics

    Deutz Agrolux 85 Tractor Hydraulics Image Versatile and multifunctional

    The versatility of the DEUTZ Agrolux 85 tractors is highlighted when the lift and hydraulic spool valves are needed. The Agrolux's great structural strength permits an amazing lifting capacity of 4700 kg with supplementary cylinders fitted, allowing the heaviest implements for this class of tractor to be used. Depth, draft and mixed implement control enables mounted implements to be handled with ease and precision.

    A hydraulic system with a 54 l/min pump and 6-way auxiliary control valves completes the Agrolux's working equipment. Also helping to maximize the durability and reliability of the main hydraulic system is the hydrostatic power steering which utilizes an independent pump, ensuring a light and fluid steering action, and complete functionality even at low running speeds.

  • Deutz Agrolux 85 Tractor Specifications

      85 model
    Cylinder / cc 4 / 4000
    HP 85
    Transmission Syncro 20F + 20R
    Protection 2 Post fixed Safety Frame - Foldable
    Tyres Front 13.6 R24
    Tyres Rear 18.4 R30
    Specs (mm)  
    (a) wheel base 2,360
    (b) length 4,075
    (c) height 2,469
    (d) weight (kg) 3,200
    All data and illustrations provided in this page are for information purposes only and can be changed without notice. Specs may vary depending on specifications of tractor. For detailed information please refer to brochure.